Alpaca Ball: Allstars featured in the Steam Game Festival

Alpaca Ball: Allstars featured in the Steam Game Festival

Who doesn’t love them; those cute alpacas? Even better, now you can play soccer with them! In Alpaca Ball: Allstars you customize your own alpaca and score as many points as possible. If you don’t want to fight fair then you can even ram into your opponents and exploit wacky physics. Enjoy the campaign mode solo or with a friend to go on an epic campaign to save your home. Visit places all over the world and defeat your rivals to win the ultimate prize!

  • The Alpacalypse Has Arrived: Customize your very own Alpaca and start your journey of football domination
  • Make Alpaca Peace not War: Use the powerful neck of your alpaca to score the most amazing goals. Make the ball bounce with the limits of the field and hit your opponents.
  • But Llamas Love Drama: Collect special powers, ram into your opponents and turn the game on its head. There are no rules only victory!
  • An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags: Embark on an epic campaign, alone or with a friend in cooperative, to save your home or dispute matches against the CPU and other players.
  • Llama Bring My Friends Too: Settle your llama drama in matches featuring 8 players (4 vs 4) locally on the Nintendo Switch and in local and online modes on Steam, via “Steam Remote Play”.

The game will be coming to PC and Switch October 15th and a later release is planned for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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