Ambush! – Review
Follow Genre: Tower defence/offence
Developer: Creative Mobile's Fun Factory
Publisher: Creative Mobile's Fun Factory
Platform: Android
Tested on: Wiko Highway

Ambush! – Review

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Tower defence games, where you’re the good guy and you have to protect your garrison by placing towers. What if there is a game that combines both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side? If you want to have a bit of both, Ambush! might be a game for you.

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Ambush seems like a nice title for a good storyline, but that’s not the case. You start as the warlord of a citadel somewhere in the World Wide Web. Every good leader wants his city to flourish, so you want to add some terrain and expand your kingdom. This is the only information that you get, since you make your own sort of empire. How you can expand and other elements will be explained later on, so hang on for a bit.

It would have been nice if there was a bit more story implemented, although the type of game might not allow it. A campaign mode might be an option, so gamers can play offline as well.


The graphics of the game are simple but really nicely done. Overall, Ambush! has some vivid colours that make you want to play the game.  The developers had a lot of attention for details. The overhead of your kingdom has some little funny aspects and although the similar small plots have the same look, they are still very detailed.


There are two types of fighting areas but the roads are different every time you fight or defend and the towers are real gems. If you look closely, you can see teeny weeny soldiers getting ready for battle. The attackers aren’t that detailed but are still beautiful enough.

You can choose to play the game on low quality. Thanks to this, the game is playable on older devices.


Soundwise the game isn’t that great. Both the overhead map and the battle screen both have a certain soundtrack and this is the only music you’ll hear. There are a few sound effects here and there, but this isn’t stunning either. It would have been nice if there was a bit more variation, for example during the battle screen.


Ambush! is both a tower defence and tower offense game. You need to expand your town to gain resources. If you want to get your items on another way, you can attack other players and increase your funds like that.


First a bit of extra information about the mechanics of the game. Both the offensive as well as the defensive part are done on the same kind of map which I call ‘the battle screen’. This screen has certain spots where you can place towers or portals (depending what mode you’re playing – more about these later on). The soldiers will follow a set path to the critical spot, so you will have to think strategically and put your towers/portals at the right places. As a defender, you gain money by killing enemies, while if you’re the attacker, you will have three goldmines on your map. These mines will give you money on certain moments in the game. You will see three pickaxes scattered around the map. When one of your soldiers picks one up, a goldmine will upgrade and give you more money. Show me the dough!

You can expand your town by adding plots to your kingdom. This is done by defending neutral ones. If you’re successful, you get the option to add it if you have free spaces. There are five land types which all have their own sort of item. These resources are important, because you will have to upgrade your town hall. This will give you more spaces to place plots and give you the opportunity to research the towers, and so on. When your town hall’s level is high enough, you will get plots that have the option to add an upgrade. This is vital because this will improve your troops and towers, thus giving you a big advantage.


Before you can expand your town, you will need towers. There are four kinds: the Arrow Towers, Cannon Towers, Magic Towers and Sound Towers. Every defence system has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the enemies you’re facing. The archers are great against the normal infantry, while the cannons will smash the tanks. The mages on the other hand will take care of the healers and the Sound Towers will slow down everyone, but especially the fast dogs. Upgrading towers is only possible if you’ve researched this in your town hall.  You will need resources and stars to finance the research.

You can gain stars by attacking other players and this is where the offense part comes into play. You have four different kinds of portals: The Infantry Portals, Berserks Portals, Beasts Portals and Support Portals. These doorways will keep your soldiers coming to attack your enemy. This can be a plot or the town hall. If you’re attacking a plot, you can gain up to three stars, depending how much soldiers can get through the defence. You also get an amount of resources, depending the type of plot you’re attacking. If you want to attack a town hall, you will have to deplete the health of the town hall by infiltrating with your men. This won’t give you any stars but loads of resources. It will be hard to get this done, but you have some tricks up your sleeve: you can summon heroes. These champions are a lot stronger and will keep the defence busy for a while, although they have a high cost.


Since this is an online game, you have the possibility to check the your stats. You can check  who you’ve attacked recently and the outcome, who attacked you and the tribunes.

It would have been nice if you could have a way to communicate with other players, like sending some kind of set sentences. Another remark is that you get a tutorial when you play the game for the first time, but this information isn’t accessible afterwards. If you stop playing the game for a while, it is hard to get back into it.


Ambush! will give you a taste of tower offense and defence. There isn’t a real story implemented but you can attack enemy players! The graphics are great but the sound could be better. The gameplay is quite big in which you have portals and towers at your disposal. It would have been nice if you could have a log with some basic information though. If you’re into tower defence/offense games, this is really something to consider.

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Ambush! - Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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