Among Us tribute Goose Goose Duck is out now on Steam

Among Us tribute Goose Goose Duck is out now on Steam

Games about deception are all the rage lately, from Among us to First Class Trouble (which we are currently in the process of previewing). It isn’t anything new that developers try to get on the hype train and bring out their own versions that are slightly different from the original IP. In Goose Goose Duck you will have to work together to keep your spaceship maintained while malicious Mallards try to sabotage them.

Key features include:

  • Up to 16 players online multiplayer
  • Private and Public Game Lobbies.
  • In-game Voice Chat and optional proximity chat in private lobbies.
  • Loads of Cosmetics to customize your goose! Hats, Shirts, Farts, Pets!
  • Crafting! Complete tasks to obtain materials to craft cosmetics.
  • 2+ maps including S.S. Mothership and Black Swan!
  • 3+ game modes including Classic, Hide and Seek, and Goose Hunt!
  • 7+ optional sub-roles including the Dodo Bird, the Cannibal, and the Morphling!

The game is out right now on Steam and we got a gameplay trailer for you to check out, down below!

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