Amoras #6 Barabas – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Legendre
Animations: Charel Cambré
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Amoras #6 Barabas – Comic Book Review

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Just like with J.Rom, the end was near for the Amoras series, which saddens us deeply. Not only did the adult version of Suske and Wiske captivate us throughout the entire tale, it was simply an amazingly qualitative piece from start to finish, thanks to a great storyline and illustrations. Just like the previous issues, the album receives the name of the character that will play a leading part in the story and this time it’s Barabas who will have to step up his game and end this amazing saga. Let’s head back to the chaotic Amoras in 2047, one last time, where mankind depends on these iconic heroes once again.

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At the end of the fifth album there was a shimmer of hope, as Suske found himself back in the present, and Wiske and Jérusalem were doing some hefty damage to Krimson’s base in the future. Lambik sadly lost a part of his arm, which served as a food source for the ‘fatties’. Nonetheless, Lambik commandeered himself an airplane, filled with other inhabitants of Amoras and was lucky enough to get the vessel into the air and head off to safer places.

As Suske is back, Barabas is even more motivated to find a solution to the predicament Wiske and Lambik are in. Even though there might have been a way to get them back, that way is lost, due to sheer bad luck. This brings them to a new plan, namely, send Suske back to a moment where he could easily find Wiske, save her and head back home to their well-aged family members in the future. Of course, this isn’t the easiest thing to do, as it means that Barabas, Sidonia and Jerom will have to wait a very long time to see the loveable duo and stubborn Lambik again.

In the meanwhile Lambik is able to crash his plane on the mainland, hoping to find Barabas in the future and throughout his one-armed-journey he comes across a familiar face. In the present Jerom is still recovering from his serious injuries, which seem to be rather permanent.

The otherwise very confident professor Barabas takes the lead in the issue, but as the album progresses we see the professor slowly becoming a shadow of his former self. His mood gets a lot more grim, as well as his actions and line of thought. Nonetheless, he never gives up on aiding those who are pretty much his only ‘family’ in the world.

Without spoiling too much, many questions get answered in this sixth and last issue. We’ll finally find out who Jérusalem truly is, what Achiel is plotting, what happened to Jerom and what the rest of the world looks like in the future. These sometimes small, yet satisfying answers, will make it easier to get some closure.

Again the story by Marc Legendre is very action packed, and perhaps even more than the last issues, as a lot still had to happen to bring this series to an end. This makes the story exciting from the first page to the last. The great story is still accompanied by American-comic-like illustrations by Charel Cambré, who successfully translates the story into pictures. Truth be told, there are enough action packed illustrations to look at, making it feel like a proper action movie, in comic book form.


Amoras #6 Barabas brings us to the end of one of the most epic spin-off sagas up-to-date. Many questions will get answered, but of course it’s all about the main question, namely will everyone get reunited once again? Well, we can’t answer that for you, all we can say is that the series is totally worth reading, if you can get over the fact that Suske and Wiske aren’t children anymore. Sometimes goodbyes are sad, and that’s exactly how we felt knowing this was already the ending. Maybe Amoras will one day pop up again, perhaps in 2047.

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Rating: 9.2/10 (5 votes cast)
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Amoras #6 Barabas - Comic Book Review, 9.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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