Ancestors Legacy – Review
Follow Genre: Real Time Strategy
Developer: Destructive Creations
Publisher: 1C Company, 1C Entertainment
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PC

Ancestors Legacy – Review

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In the past, console versions of RTS games haven’t really done that well overall, but they’ve gotten better and better over time. Nowadays, RTS games are great games to play on consoles as well. The developers of Ancestors Legacy have done their best to make this game a great experience for console players as well. Combining this experience with Vikings, Romans and a great story, makes Ancestors Legacy a promising title.


Ancestors Legacy features six campaigns that each focus on a specific historical period. You’ll begin with the Vikings campaign but you will unlock the other campaigns after playing a little while. These range from Anglo-Saxons to Germans and Slavs. These campaigns are split into separate missions that will progress after each other. These missions can take quite a while, offering at least 25 hours of gameplay. Each mission is unique and is very interesting to play through. The missions will let you take over camps, defeat your enemies in combat and build up your army.


The interface on-screen will show you everything you need to know on the battlefield. As we played it on a PS4 Pro, the game looks very good at a 4K resolution at 30FPS. When you zoom in on the map, you can see that the units are all very detailed. The battles between armies look very nice as the animations are worked out very good. The environment, buildings and everything else on the map looks detailed as well, you can see that the developers put a lot of work in designing the game.


The sound in this game is also very good. The background music really sets the mood for this game wherever you are in the interface. When armies begin charging, they will roar hard, announcing their attack. These roars just give you a good feeling as you see your units overwhelming your enemies. Furthermore, the game is fully voiced with a lot of interaction between the important units on the battlefield, progressing the story as they talk.


Ancestors Legacy is a real-time strategy game that lets players control the Vikings, Romans and other factions on their journeys in the campaign stories or play as one of these factions to best your enemies in a Skirmish battle. Just like in most RTS games, you can build up your army, upgrade it and kick some ass with it.

The controls of an RTS are mostly the easiest on a PC version of these games. But this won’t mean that this can’t be done in a good way. Ancestors Legacy has made it a bit easier for beginning players as the first few missions actually function as a small tutorial, explaining to you the basic commands of the game. After these first missions, you will be ready to take on the game as you know all the basics to control your armies in the best way.

Aside from the campaign mode, you can also play Skirmish, a mode that lets you face the AI in a battle for supremacy on the battlefield. Here you can build up your camp, create units and destroy your enemies with your army of units, which is a classic RTS experience. Skirmish has two different modes, Domination and Annihilation. Domination requires you to capture villages and reduce your enemies’ points to zero and annihilation is the standard skirmish mode in which victory will be attained when you destroy the enemy’s camp. Skirmishes can be played with a maximum of six players.

Building up a big army is, of course, important to have an advantage against your opponent, but that’s not all. Using tactics like hiding in bushes can make battles a lot easier by ambushing enemy troops. Each unit type has advantages and disadvantages against other enemy troops. For example, axemen units are strong against swordsmen, who in turn are stronger against spearmen, a sort of rock-paper-scissors method of balance. Outside of this, ranged units are strong against any type of units, but are helpless when fighting in close combat.

Units will rank up after defeating more and more enemies. When they level up, they will unlock upgrades. These upgrades will significantly boost their powers, giving you an advantage in battle. Units also have two different stances, an offensive one that gives them the ability to charge at your enemy to overwhelm them and a defensive one that can nullify the effects of charging enemies, giving them a significant advantage in combat. Some squads can create traps to hinder your enemies, making them easy targets for your army. Using tactics in this game has proven to be very important and fun as well when you get the hang of it.

When you are outmatched, you can retreat your squads. When using retreat, your units will run for a while in the direction of your camp. By double-tapping this command, they will return to your camp. Each squad consists of no more than ten units. When battling, the health of these units will drop. When you successfully win a battle and your units haven’t died but only lost some health, they can heal themselves in a healing camp that they can put up in a matter of seconds. While in this state, they’re vulnerable for attacks, but when done successfully, they will have full health when they’re done, ready for the next battle. When a squad has lost some units, you can choose to let them retreat. When you retreat a squad to one of your camps, they can replenish their units there. This happens pretty fast, so they can return to the battlefield quickly.

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Ancestors Legacy is definitely not a standard RTS. This title focuses more on smaller battles, rather than big battles with hundreds of units fighting at the same time. With this, a lot of tactics come to play to make these battles more interesting. The campaign mode of this game offers a lot of content with six different storylines you can follow as you progress through the game. The skirmish mode offers a more standardized RTS experience, but the game’s strength lies in its campaign mode with interesting stories and using tactics to accomplish your goals. Ancestors Legacy offers a great RTS experience in a totally different way we’re used to, but certainly not in a bad way. This game is definitely a great choice if you like RTS games and it will offer a whole new experience to fans of this genre.

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Ancestors Legacy - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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