Anno 1800 has been released today

Anno 1800 has been released today

Ubisoft has released the newest episode in the Anno-series, Anno 1800 today.

Anno 1800 is the newest episode in this popular franchise. It combines the innovative gameplay of the previous games and will form a new age in Anno-games in which players can create their own version of the 19th century, a very important period in the history of mankind.

A Season Pass is also available for purchase and it will feature 3 DLC that will be released this year. Frequent game-updates are going to add a lot of free content that will be available to all players who own a copy of this game. These updates will feature a co-op mode, community challenges and statistics building. This last one will grant players more info on their production chains and available output.

For more information on this game, you can go to the game’s website by clicking here. More information on the DLC content can be viewed on the image below that shows the content of the upcoming DLC that are included in the Season Pass.

Anno 1800 is only available on PC and you can buy it in your local game shops, Steam or the Ubisoft Store.

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