Another release on Steam – SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition

Another release on Steam –  SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition

IT’ers will know ASCII, while this might sound like something extraterrestial. This is just how numbers and characters are programmed in a computer. Well, SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition is strategic turn-based dungeon crawling adventure which uses ASCII to show images on your screen.

The full version was released on the 12th of February 2015.

These are some features the game has to offer:

  • Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics
  • Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action
  • Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay
  • Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system
  • Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with
  • Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors
  • Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack
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