Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer; Lunar Great Wall Studios
Publisher: Fish Eagle
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey – Review

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After the successful release of the game Another Sight in September earlier this year, the developers at Lunar Great Wall Studios have decided to make a prequel called Hodge’s Journey. In this new game we follow Hodge the cat, before all the events that happen in Another Sight. So this is before he meets Kit, a woman who has gotten blind when the tunnel she was exploring collapsed. So let’s go on this new adventure and find out what Hodge is up to in this brand new title, and see if it’s worth following it.


Like mentioned before, in Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey we follow Hodge the cat on his adventure before he meets up with Kit (a core character of Another Sight). During this game there is no actual story. You will travel between some kind of dream world and the real world where you will have to overcome obstacles to progress in the game.

They could have added a story to the game because now it just feels like you are running forward, overcoming the obstacles and nothing is actually happening. They really had an opportunity here to give the game a little something extra and it’s honestly too bad they didn’t.


Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey uses the same 3D-graphics as the original game. It has a steampunk kind of look mixed with cartoon influences. Just like we saw in the original game, in Hodge’s Journey the details in the characters and background are done perfectly once again, and it really gives the feeling that it is a part of the base game.


Just like we saw with the graphics, the in-game sounds are also similar as the ones that are in Another Sight. From the footsteps to the sound that you will hear when you attempt to jump, or just a simple meow from Hodge; everything you want and need is in there.


Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey is an adventure game. When you start playing the game you will take control over the cat Hodge. With Hodge you go on an adventure while traveling between a dreamy kind of world and the real world. While traveling you will have to overcome obstacles, for example jump from one platform to another without falling into the rising and declining water.

The things you have to do are very similar to the game Another Sight, but the only difference is that Kit isn’t there yet.

The goal of the game is to give an inside look at what Hodge’s life was like up until the point where he finds Kit and sets off on an adventure with her.

Like mentioned before, you will have to overcome certain obstacles, which are doable and not that hard. The only thing that could make things difficult is that just as in Another Sight the controls aren’t the best. They can be a bit buggy so your jump isn’t long enough and you will have to start the obstacle again.

When looking at the overall game it is a nice addition for everyone who has played Another Sight and has fallen in love with Hodge.


The developers at Lunar Great Wall Studios have made the right choice by bringing Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey to life. For those who have played Another Sight and want to experience a bit more about the game, it is certainly a great addition. However, if you haven’t played Another Sight you probably won’t be really into this one, since there is no story and you only follow one path and go over the obstacles. The in-game graphics and sound are executed perfectly and you can really tell that this game fits in with the rest of the ‘Another Sight’ universe. If we have to name a weak spot in this game, it’s definitely the controls, which can be experienced as buggy. If you are curious about the review of the base game you can find that one over here.

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Rating: 6.2/10 (5 votes cast)
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Another Sight - Hodge's Journey - Review, 6.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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