Antares 6e Episode – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure
Written by: Leo
Illustrations: Leo
Coloring: Leo
Publisher: Dargaud

Antares 6e Episode – Comic Book Review

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Good: Story value, A retro look of the future
Bad: Illustrations are simply horrible at times
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The world of Aldebaran is one big series that consists out of four cycles, with Antares being the third. This giant series was created by Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira, conveniently shortened to Leo. We’ll be taken to the ‘distant’ future, namely the 22th century. Nonetheless, this series is actually quite peculiar, as the creator is already an aging man, and in some cases it shows, as his image of the future is fairly retro-ish. Let’s see if we bump into the new guardians of the galaxy.


Kim Keller, who has been on many adventures in her 26 year long life, is currently experiencing an adventure she’d rather not want to. Her daughter Lynn has gone missing over three months ago, and whilst it seemed she had found her during the fifth episode, it was only a hologram. Nonetheless, it seems Kim and her allies have other things to worry about, as all of a sudden their space shuttle is cloned out of thin air, showing an alien race is sending them a sign. As this would be the first encounter of the aliens with the entire human race, Kim aside, the fanatic Jedediah believes he was chosen to make first contact, as he is a man of God and all women are lesser beings. As Kim is not about to mess around, especially if this other sentient race has a clue of where her daughter might be, she tosses Jedediah in the cell on their own shuttle, taking his place together with Alexa, one of her trusted friends. Soon after entering the shuttle, it seems that they have taken the right course of action after all.

At the same time, Sven, Lynn’s alien father is watching things from the sidelines. Even though he would love to interfere, his higher-ups prevent him from doing so, as the human race does not know about them, except for Kim, who obviously did more than make mere contact (wink wink). Although he is not allowed to make contact at the moment, it seems they too have an ulterior motive for watching Kim’s group.

Overall this issue follows a steady pace, making things quite interesting. Things might feel a bit retro for a futuristic tale, yet it still feels rather realistic to a certain extent. Human beings have not changed that much over the years and are still showing the same strengths and weaknesses that we get to experience on a daily basis.

Leo was born in 1944, thus he isn’t the youngest writer and artist currently creating comic books, nonetheless, he still manages to create content frequently. That being said, the illustrations might be rather lacking to many comic book fans. At certain times it the drawings are simply atrocious, where facial features are quite horrid. Due to certain facial expressions many of the characters make, it makes them seem they seem as if they are always smiling, even in very serious situations. The characters feel quite static, disproportionate and even children look like progeria patients. That being said, a lot of the backgrounds do look appealing and the science fiction look this series has, will take many people on a rather pleasant trip down memory lane, as everything seems to look like a seventies/eighties science fiction series.

Whilst the illustrations might seem to be lacking to some, this series is the proof that story makes up for a whole lot. Even though the writing itself also has a retro atmosphere, with the many love stories intertwined in the main plot, it’s actually well devised and written.


Antares 6e Episode is the final issue of the Antares series, which gives a rather open ending to this cycle of the worlds of the Aldebaran universe. The story is very appealing and has a realistic feel to it, if you’re able to look past the dated illustrations. Nonetheless, we were intrigued by the overall story value of this series.

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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Antares 6e Episode - Comic Book Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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