Antec Notebook Cooler To Go – Hardware Review
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Developer: Antec
Publisher: Antec
Platform: PC

Antec Notebook Cooler To Go – Hardware Review

Good: Great cooling and small device
Bad: no way to put away the USB cable
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You might have read the previous Antec cooler review and today we are glad to bring you another one, although there are quite some differences. The Antec Notebook Cooler To Go is a lot smaller but will it be up for the job?



The Antec Notebook Cooler To Go has a quite particular shape. You have two fans that are the key of the cooling and a round, long triangular kind of shape. It has to be said, it is quite special and the shape is a pleasure for the eye. This cooling system is quite high but it still has the right angle. The upper side of the cooler has two rubber feet to keep your laptop or notebook stable, while the bottom has six feet for that extra bit of grip. This system has a USB cable with the right length, giving you the possibility to connect it at any USB port of your laptop.


Some coolers might make a lot of noise, but the Antec Notebook Cooler To Go isn’t one of them. The normal mode is quite silent and you won’t hear it. The hard mode will probably be a bit louder than your interior fans but the noise isn’t that annoying, it is more like a chilly spring breeze. Antec did think about the comfort of the user, since they’ve build in an extra USB port in the USB plug. This gives you the chance to connect another device on the cooler. This is nice, since you can cool your pc off and you don’t lose a USB port.

Next to that, the cooler has an angle, this tilting the pc and putting it in a certain angle. We’ve already mentioned that the Antec Notebook Cooler To Go is high but don’t fear, you won’t have any problems typing. Even more, it will be easier for your wrists.



  • Powered by USB
  • Two modes
  • Small and compact
  • Enough stability with the rubber feet
  • Lightweight


The Antec Notebook Cooler To Go is a real pleasure to work with. The normal stand has enough power to cool of your pc when it needs some cooling, but if you really want a chilly laptop, you can always use the hard mode. This cooler system has to be placed partially underneath your laptop, since this cooler works a bit different. It sucks up air from above the cooling system and it propels it underneath the pc. The fans are protected by a honeycomb-like structure, so you don’t hurt yourself.


Since this is a small(er) cooler and a real lightweight, you can take it with you. It is possible to put the cooler on your lap, but it will be a bit wobbly. It would have been nice if you could put away the USB cable, since it would be more practical when you’re on the move.


This device is great to take it with you or to use it on a more stationary spot. The cooler has enough rubber feet to keep the pc steady. The set-up might seem a bit strange but works quite well. There are two fans that do the work and you have the possibility to choose between two different modes. It is pleasing for the eye as well, so definitely something to consider when you’re looking for a new cooler.

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Antec Notebook Cooler To Go - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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