Antigraviator: Viper Trails – Review
Follow Genre: Racing
Developer: Cybernetic Walrus
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Antigraviator: Viper Trails – Review

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Good: A lot of replayability through Reverse Mode and Mirror Mode
Bad: Knowledge of each course is needed to prevent a lot of grinding against walls
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Antigraviator is a racing game that requires a lot of quick thinking and acting because you’re racing at high speeds through the tracks. Now developer Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive have introduced the first DLC pack for Antigraviator, Viper Trails. The additions in this DLC pack will extend your playtime quite a lot if you’re into the anti-grav racing genre.

With the addition of Viper Trails, some new things have been added to the game. First, the new racing vehicle, the Venom Class Grav. When you’ve purchased the DLC, this new vehicle is immediately unlocked. This new vehicle has better handling and acceleration if you compare it with the thunderbolt class, the standard Grav you start with. This new Grav has slightly less shield duration and the hull is a bit weaker so it will take less of grinding against walls for it to say boom. It’s a bit better than the Crocco class due to having a bit better handling and twice the hull strength.

The DLC Viper Trails also adds several new tracks to race on. These tracks are set In the jungle and together they are called the Viper Trails.  The three newly added tracks are: The Last Jungle, Robin’s Wood and Colliding Pines. All these tracks have beautiful environments, though you won’t have much time to admire this because you need to pay attention to the road while racing in high speed. The tracks themselves are also beautifully designed and look really neat. As a bonus, the three new tracks are accompanied by three new Drum and Bass songs composed by Alex Meza.

With the addition of these tracks, an “Extended” option is available in the campaign. This adds the Titanium and Carbon leagues and these won’t need to be unlocked by winning the leagues before these two. The three new tracks are also available in a Reverse mode. Viper Trails also adds the Hybrid mode, a variation on the Pure mode that reintroduces traps on the tracks. When notified, you can activate a trap to hinder your opponents or even blow them up. In Deathmatch races, when you get blown up, it’s the end of the race for you so watch out for enemy traps and activate your own to blow them away. As an extra bonus, each track can now be played in “Mirror Mode”. This mode lets you race on a mirrored version of each track. It’s not like the reverse tracks in which you race the other way, in Mirror mode all the turns are mirrored, meaning that where you normally need to go left, you now need to go right. This adds a totally new feel to each existing and new track.


At first, you would think this DLC doesn’t add much to the base game but it’s quite the opposite. The new vehicle looks nice and offers a new challenge in mastering this vehicle. The three new tracks look awesome and also add two new leagues and an “Extended” option to the campaign. The Hybrid racing mode reintroduces traps in a variation to the Pure racing mode. Racing on the Mirrored mode of each track offers a new variation to each track as each existing track gets a new feel as each corner is mirrored. All in all, for $5,99/€4,99 this DLC adds a lot of playing time. For players who already enjoyed the base game, this DLC adds a lot for a relatively small price.

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Antigraviator: Viper Trails - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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