Antwerp Convention 2013

Antwerp Convention 2013

Time seems to fly by fast these days. It seems like only yesterday I visited the successful 2012 version of Antwerp Convention. With that in mind I was eager to visit Antwerp Convention 2013 to see the evolution a year could bring.

Right of the bat it was clear this edition was already attracting a lot more visitors than the previous edition and honestly, it deserves the extra attention. When entering the convention area it was clear that the organization did their best to arrange a decent amount of the best vendors in their area, be it science fiction, figurines, posters and what not. Sadly the games department did not receive as much attention this year, except for two vendors. One made me go home with the ‘loot I was looking for’ and the other one was too overpriced to even bother. Luckily all the other booths offered great merchandise for proper prices!

Outside of the regular vendors the convention also offered an array of special guests, previews of games, dancing for young and old and even some nifty arcade machines. Even though the area itself isn’t the biggest of all the conventions in Belgium, the activities were surely worth mentioning. I wouldn’t be surprised, if you’d spend a lot more time than you’d intended to. All I can say is – if this success keeps up – they will need to look for a bigger hall to place everything

You thought I’d forget right? Cosplay was a more important part this year as well. Everywhere there were people wearing amazing costumes and of course, this called for a group picture. So kudos to you too, cosplayers.

Good job, Antwerp Convention – looking forward to next year!

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