April Fools’ – Trolls vs. Ogres

April Fools’ – Trolls vs. Ogres

Happy “Don’t believe or trust ANYTHING” day for all of you! April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day is one of the few days that is not a national holiday but it is infamous for its pranks and hoaxes. To top it off, it has been a popular tradition since the 19th century but I’ll spare you the historic details of it. Ever since the popularity of the internet started rising, video game developers have jumped on the comedy bandwagon to troll their followers and it resulted it some great trailers and hoaxes. Unfortunately, there are some terrible ones out there as well which I’ll be dubbing the Ogres of April as of now. Without further ado, here’s our list of April Fools’ Trolls vs. Ogres.

Corsair – M63MM RGB Mechanical Gaming Mouse

Corsair came up with a pretty decent trailer, one that is hilarious but also somewhat realistic since people do love going retro. In fact, if it wasn’t for so many jokes about balls – we might have actually believed that they were creating a new mechanical gaming mouse that went back to its old roots – the big ball. We’re rating this one as the perfect troll!

thinkgeek steam machine

ThinkGeek – Steam Machine

We would like to state the obvious and say that this is the utmost perfect troll we have seen so far – not because of its lack of comedy but because this is something that many of us would want to have. Alright, perhaps not the console itself but the controller certainly looks extremely well done and it would be awesome to have some friends over to chill in co-op modes and this bad boy sees the daylight – or nightlight. A+!

Capcom – Dog Ace Attorney

This trailer from Capcom is certainly one of the best April Fools’ circling around. It’s cute, it’s savvy and most of all – it could be real! It’s not a perfect troll but it’s fairly close.

warcraft tinder

World of Warcraft – T.I.N.D.R. for Garrison Followers

We’re not quite sure how to categorize this announcement as it simply has to be a joke – or is it? It would certainly finally explain as to why World of Warcraft would need a companion that is named Pleasure-Bot 8000..

Patch 6.1.4 brings a new feature to keep you busy in your garrison, namely the T.I.N.D.R. box – a feature designed to help your followers to locate the perfect companion. Getting your hands on the box is fairly easy as it is done the same way as the S.E.L.F.I.E camera – which wasn’t a joke. Simply equip the box to one of your followers and the Pleasure-Bot 8000 will become a host for your followers’ dates. I would be gutted if my follower would find a date before me! Maybe we should rate this one as an ogre and not a troll..

PlayStation Flow

This must be one of the worst pranks ever – it’s even worse than hover boards! The PlayStation Flow allows you to pause your game during any water scenes so you may pack your stuff and head over to the nearest swimming pool and immerse yourself in the water while continuing your game. Sorry, we need to categorize this one as a big fat Ogre.

google maps prank

Google Maps – Let’s play Pac-Man!

Alright, Google isn’t exactly a video game developer but their prank is simply superb and should be categorized as a frog that has been kissed and turned into something beautiful. You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps by simply picking an area you’d like to play in and then clicking the 2nd icon in the left bottom corner. It’s a simple and harmless prank really but it’s a great one – and it plays well!

Rebellion – EVIL-ution Dance game Zombie Army THRILLogy

Rebellion is coming out with a new dance game dubbed the Zombie Army THRILLogy. The launch trailer shows us the EVIL-utionary dance moves of Hitler and his army of zombies and skeletons.

We’re not quite sure how to categorize this one either. We like it but it’s not funny and we’re quite positive that video – or at least the main character in the video – is going to sit well with some people. For this video, we’ll create a new sub-category called April’s Puddle.

War Thunder – New tanks

Alright, we will admit that those are some epic-looking tanks but isn’t the whole point of War Thunder that it’s authentic and well… kind old? Nonetheless it’s a troll!

Curse Voice – Integration with Hearthstone

After a seriously April’s Puddle from Blizzard’s headquarters for their digital card game Hearthstone – which we’ll simply link to here, we’re happy to see that there is a somewhat funny video after all for the game – even if it doesn’t come from Blizzard themselves. Well done Curse!

Noteworthy trolls, puddles and ogres

We’ll be stopping the list right here before you can get too tired of it but there are some other noteworthy trolls, puddles and ogres to be found this year. If you’re not tired of the April Fools’ pranks just yet, check out the links below!

Razer – The Hovering Mouse Project McFly

Techland – Guncat

Mpact Games – Hanako Samurai Pillow Fight

World of Tanks – Tanks on the Moon

Heroes of the Storm – Big Head Mode

and many, many more… Feel free to share your trolls and ogres list with us!

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