Are games getting too realistic or not?

Are games getting too realistic or not?

Whilst game have started out with only a few pixels on your screen, current technology allows games to become more and more realistic. These changes have not only made the games we know from the first generation of consoles more realistic but this has also opened the way for many new genres of games.

Even though most games originally started out with a specific goal, many other games have received more open ‘goals’ or things to do. For example, games such as ‘The Sims’ simulate a real life experience, be it somewhat comical. You’ll have to manage a family, be it with children or not. This shows gamers that not only action is to be expected from games.

Games such as ‘Transport Tycoon’ have also opened up the way to many other realistic games. This genre is becoming more and more expansive, seeing we already have games in which we simulate the life of a farmer or even running amusement parks, hospitals and so on. Again this shows us that gaming is so much more than simply going from point A towards point B and dispose of your enemies along the way. Living a real digital life is something that was starting to unfold, to a certain extent.


We also have the chance to play certain gambling games. Playing Casino games on is one of those things that have really lifted off, when online gaming started becoming fairly standard. These games often offer the chance to either win digital money or actually give you the chance to gain actual money. Another aspect people once thought, digital games could not present us with.

Actual digital ‘lives’ are also possible at this day and age. Games in which you actually have to build up your home, life and career in order to progress are getting more and more common. These games are actually even making room for those who wish to earn money with their digital life. There are a lot of ‘digital’ professions currently available ranging from decorating, commercial functions and yes, even digital prostitution is a thing that is able to earn you some cold hard cash.


Perhaps these changes will open up the way to games in which we can actually enter a virtual reality, that might show us many purposes in ‘life’. Who would not want to be a hero that is able to save the weak? Who does not want to be that millionaire with a secret identity? Or perhaps one of you wants to rule the world?

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