Are Slots no Deposit a Thing?

Are Slots no Deposit a Thing?

We really do have to thank the original wave of slot developers such as NetEnt, Eyecon and Microgaming for their enduring work in the online slot industry, because without these companies the market would be nowhere near as healthy as it is today. Indeed, without the original innovators in the field of online slots we probably would not have had the range of equally successful modern online slot developers like Inspired Gaming or Big Time Gaming either, so we really do have to thank the people that put in the essential groundwork. 

Online slots are outrageously popular these days, and it is no wonder when you consider how complex and well made these games are too. Seriously, have you seen some of the bonus features available in games like Inspired Gaming’s Centurion, for example? It seems as though the online slot industry just keeps getting bigger and bigger, something that slots no deposit might play a hand in too. Keep reading for a lowdown on the essential question – are slots no deposit a thing at

What are slots no deposit 

So then, the first thing to consider here is exactly what slots no deposit are. As with many things in the online slots industry, slots no deposit quite literally are what they say they are, slot gambling games that don’t need a deposit in order to be played. Now, older slot gamblers might be a bit confused here, because the games that they are used to playing are probably all no deposit slots, so what’s the difference? 

As with many things in the slots industry, it all comes down to the emergence of online slots in the 21st century. With slot machine before you didn’t have to put down deposits because you just paid your bankroll directly into the slot machine itself, however with online slots you have to make a deposit first in most cases, hence why slots no deposit got their name. 

The history of slots no deposit 

Because slots no deposit are played on a pay as you play basis, this means that the original wave of slot machines that were created all the way back in the late 19th century were effectively no deposit slots. The proper history of these starts with a man called Charles D. Fey, a mechanical engineer who was the first person to create a genuinely commercially viable slot machine that he called the Liberty Bell. 

The Liberty Bell slot was incredibly basic by today’s standards, however back in the late 1800s it completely and utterly fascinated gamblers who weren’t used to seeing anything like it at all. No deposit slots were the norm for the next century or so, until the emergence of online slots changed things. 

21st century slots no deposit – do they exist? 

Sure, you can still go to a variety of brick and mortar casinos and play no deposit slots, however they definitely are not as prevalent as they were back in the 20th century.

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