Are you ready for a new coffee brawler?

Are you ready for a new coffee brawler?

Coffence, a new game from Sweet Bandits Studios, will be available on PAX West 2018. This fast-paced title combines both fighting elements and twin stick shooting. Wondering where the coffee comes in? This is actually your health bar! Whenever you get hit, some coffee is spilled in the air and anyone can take it. This is really precious of course, so get it back as soon as possible. Get more than enough to get a forceful coffee break technique.


  • Master a unique way to play where your character and cup-holding arm are controlled independently.
  • Coffee is the new health. Every hit ejects coffee in the air for any player to claim!
  • Face your friends in exotic locations ranging from office buildings to outer space.
  • Battle with up to four players.
  • Choose from a wide arsenal of cups from the lightning fast espresso cup to the massive coffee pot, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Faster than lightning

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