Are you ready for a new nightmare?

Are you ready for a new nightmare?

Some of you, especially horror fanatics, might know the Steam game ‘Outbreak’. In this title, you had a top-down view of your survivor and you had to snatch all you could get so you were able to live. Now, the developers outdid themselves and went 3D. In Outbreak: The New Nightmare, you will have to find your ways around zombies, while also keeping your supplies in mind. As this title is still in Greenlight, you can find more details here.

These are some of the key features you can expect:

  • HD 3D: Experience the nightmare with all of the graphical bells and whistles.
  • Director: Fixed and panning camera angles bring the cinematic feel.
  • Classic: Hardcore survival horror in an unforgiving apocalypse.
  • The cast: Choose from unique characters with their own attributes.
  • Bring friends: 3-player online co-op multiplayer featuring voice chat.
  • Even alone: Play single-player and offline in most game modes.
  • Limited Inventory: You can’t take it all, so choose wisely.
  • Destruction: Numerous firearms and melee weapons available.
  • Never the same twice: Semi-ran enemy and item layouts.
  • Play your way: Customizable gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Worldwide multiplayer: Cloud-based backend with region selector means no NAT issues.


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