Arena of Valor prepares for 5v5 Friends Fest

Arena of Valor prepares for 5v5 Friends Fest

One of the world’s most popular MOBAs, Arena of Valor, is preparing for a special update. New content is coming to the game and obviously, that’s a joyous occasion. From May 1 to 3 the game will see several exclusive and time-limited in-game events. But what stands out is the 5v5 Fest Lucky Box event that will be happening from May 1 to 5. We’ve included the dev’s explanation since it seems to sum things up best!

The 5v5 Fest Lucky Box event will be ongoing as well from May 1 to 5, gifting AoV players the opportunity to obtain up to five different heroes of their choosing just by teaming up with others during the 5v5 Fest. All you have to do is add your selected heroes to the prize pool, team up and play games to earn wish tokens, and exchange those to obtain a random hero from the prize pool, it’s that easy!

The event has its own trailer, which you can see below!

Furthermore, the game will receive an update tomorrow which tweaks existing mechanics and adds a whole new hero to the game: a tough warrior that is both quick and nimble on the battlefield: Yan.

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