ARK: Survival Evolved – now available in the Windows 10 Store!

ARK: Survival Evolved – now available in the Windows 10 Store!

The immensely popular dinosaur action-adventure survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved has been released on the Windows 10 store. The popular game has been available on Xbox One and Xbox One X for a while now. With this release ARK: Survival Evolved is now an Xbox Play Anywhere title which means that players who purchase digitally are able to play the game on both platforms, Xbox One and PC, with no additional cost. They can freely switch between both platforms taking their saved progress, Gamer score, DLC and achievements with them.

ARK also features cross-play which means Xbox One and Win10 players will be able to play against or with one another. Windows 10 players can also purchase the Expansion Packs including Scorched Earth and the all-new Aberration. The broken underground world of Aberration is loaded with tons of new things including:

  • 14 new creatures for players to tame
  • Over 50 unique craft-able items

There are also New challenges for players to conquer with the five new Biomes that come with the DLC.  Players have to gear-up and prepare to be able to face the horrifying threat that lies in the deepest and darkest corner of Aberration.

The Aberration DLC is available for purchase now or free to download for owners of the ARK Season Pass.

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