Armored Warfare – Expansion: Art of War coming soon

Armored Warfare – Expansion: Art of War coming soon

A first look At: Art of War, the new expansion of Armored Warfare has been released today. This expansion will include a range of new things including a brand new map situated in the rural parts of South China. Following the theme together with the map; the expansion also includes several new Chinese vehicles. The developers of Armored Warfare listen to their fandom and they, aside from updating their graphics, also added several enhancements that the community requested.

Players will be able to customize their commanders to their will so that they will suit your own play style. Other features from Armored Warfare – Art of War include:

  • New Global Operations for Waterway Map
  • Enhanced Vehicle Graphic

This sneak peek isn’t the only things the fans of Armored Warfare can be excited for as, the developer, and publisher from Armored Warfare, announced that the tank combat MMO will go for sale on the Steam Marketplace on the 10th of November.

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