Armored Warfare welcomes Caribbean Crisis expansion

Armored Warfare welcomes Caribbean Crisis expansion

Developer and publisher of Armored Warfare,, has released its all new expansion called: Caribbean Crisis. This expansion brings an all new game mode, map, night battles, epic medals, AI in Low-Tier PvP and Dossier user interface.

The new game mode is called Special Operations and invites players to a series of challenging PvE missions. Grassy Fields, the new PvP map, is┬áset in the open countryside of eastern Croatia making it ideal for armored vehicle ops. It has numerous ways of flanking tactics as well. Grassy Fields also features night battles, currently as the only map, making battles more intense due to low visibility. Epic medals can now be won, but only by doing something that’s really worth talking about, for example killing a certain amount of enemies in a single game.

AI controlled players are now available for Tier 1 and 2 operations. Not only do AI controlled players try to kill you, they are also enhanced to try and capture bases as well. The Dossier user interface has been upgraded as well to be more in sync with Armored Warfare’s visual design.

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