Arthus Trivium #2 De Derde Magiër – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, History, Fantasy
Written by: Raule
Illustrations: Juan Luis Landa
Coloring: Juan Luis Landa
Publisher: Dargaud

Arthus Trivium #2 De Derde Magiër – Comic Book Review

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Last time all of the main characters in this new series were gradually being introduced, clearly stating that this series revolving around Nostradamus and his most trusted students, who would not shy away from dabbling with the occult. Monsters, demons and spirits seem to be the main emphasis of this series, indicating that Nostradamus himself was actually a mage, rather than someone who was simply born with the power to predict the future. We were quite stoked to dive back into this mystical series.

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This issue starts off with Nostradamus doing his fabled prediction surrounding 9/11, where the two towers came tumbling down, extinguishing the lives of many. While this alone provides a great stress on the aging scholar, things are about to get heftier when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose when a small army of demons invade the comfort Nostradamus’ home. It seems these monsters are out for an object Nostradamus has kept hidden for many years, and if he doesn’t hand it over, his family and the king, who is currently residing at his home, may be killed to make the old man crumble. The roles could have been reversed if his students were present, but sadly they are still en route to his house after their latest mission.

A lot happens in this issue, even though nearly everything happens in the (dis)comfort of Nostradamus’ home. It’s clear that the background story for this series is still being set, and while the first issue provided flashy character introductions, this issue takes it slower and moves at a calmer pace, while still offering a reasonable amount of action. Raule does a great job in painting the picture of where this story will be heading and does so by adding the necessary drama, suspense and character evolution, albeit the latter at a very leisurely pace.

Juan Luis Landa still takes care of the illustrations and does so with a keen eye, mixing fantasy, medieval and realistic elements into a very attractive blend. While darker tones reign supreme in this album, the colors still stand out when looking at the difference between the humanoid demons, and the heroic leading characters. You’ll be treated to a very detailed experience, creating the perfect atmosphere for this ghoulish story surrounding Nostradamus.


Arthus Trivium #2 De Derde Magiër is a great second part of this new series, even if it suddenly takes things a lot slower. The story is still being laid out in a rather spectacular fashion, which makes us wonder what will happen next. Everything is accompanied by great artwork and the proper atmosphere to make you thrilled and shiver  at the same time. Certainly a series to keep track of.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Arthus Trivium #2 De Derde Magiër - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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