Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Room ‘Beyond Medusa’s Gate’ opens today

Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Room ‘Beyond Medusa’s Gate’ opens today

The second Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Room called Beyond Medusa’s Gate opened its doors today on various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Belgium, you can enjoy the escape room in the Visé Reality in Wezet. In the Netherlands, you can enter Medusa’s Gate in The VR Room in Utrecht, VR-World in Breda, and Enversed VIrtual Reality Center in Eindhoven.

Beyond Medusa’s Gate takes place in old Greece from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Teams range from two to four players and have sixty minutes to find their way out of the Aegean cave, where the legendary ship of the Argonates awaits them. In order to escape, the participants have to solve riddles and other obstacles. Teamwork is a must here! Before entering the escape room, you get to choose your own character and customize it with various Greek accessories.

For more information about the VR Escape Rooms, you can click here.

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