Assault Android Cactus+ enhances and explodes onto Nintendo Switch

Assault Android Cactus+ enhances and explodes onto Nintendo Switch

Assault Android Cactus+, the action-packed arcade-style shoot by Witch Beam debuts on the Nintendo Switch on the 8th of March.

Assault Android Cactus+ is an enhanced edition of the acclaimed twin-stick shooter, bringing everything Cactus is known for to the Switch including the roster of playable characters with unique loadouts. This edition adds new character costumes, aim assist options and Campaign+, a completely reimagined version of the 25-stage campaign.

Thanks to the Switch, Cactus+ is not only playable on the go, but single Joy-Con support makes it a snap to play co-op anywhere. With aim assist, players focus on dodging, shooting and managing weapons, retaining the heart of the experience even without twin joysticks.

Boss Rush and Infinity Drive give determined players even more action, while Daily Drive gives them one shot at setting a worldwide high score in a newly generated level. Developer Commentary, Jukebox and Sound Test modes are joined by a new Movie Gallery for revisiting cinematics.

‘’We’re proud of what we achieved with Assault Android Cactus+,’’ says Tim Dawson, director, Witch Beam. ‘’Campaign+ is our love letter to hardcore genre fans and aim assist is making our game even more accessible. More people are going to be able to get more out of it.’’

Assault Android Cactus+ will release on Nintendo Switch on March 8. For more information about Assault Android Cactus+, please visit the official website, and you can watch the announcement trailer below.

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