Assault Android Cactus+ released today

Assault Android Cactus+ released today

The action-packed arcade-style twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus+ has been released on Nintendo Switch today. It comes with all-new features such as Campaign+ which reconstructs the original campaign with new enemy waves, more dynamic elements and even more amped-up boss fights. New character costumes can be unlocked for each of the nine androids with their own unique loadouts. Additionally, a new aim assist has been implemented so that players can experience the chaotic firefights as well as they should.

As the game is available on Nintendo Switch, players can experience local co-op with dual Joy-Cons, pro controllers and even single Joy-Con in any combination. A necessary feature as the game can be played with up to three friends at once.

“Assault Android Cactus+ has something for everyone,” says Tim Dawson, director, Witch Beam. “We hope the fans that have supported us over the years will enjoy Campaign+, and we look forward to first-timers feeling confident with aim assist.”

In Assault Android Cactus+, we follow lead Junior Constable Cactus and her Android friends as they respond to a distress call. A space freighter is under attack by its own robot workers which erupted a hectic scenery. Junior Constable Cactus and the Androids must enter the freighter to restore balance. It is not a simple arcade-style twin-stick shooter though as you are required to keep the batteries of the Androids charged whilst blasting your way through hordes and hordes of malfunctioning robots.

If the Campaign+ is not enough, there’s always the Daily Drive. The Daily Drive is a daily newly-generated level in which you have one shot to set a worldwide high score. More entertainment options can be found in the Boss Rush and Infinity Drive modes. If that is not enough entertainment for you, credits can be earned to unlock EX options such as a first-person mode, visual filters, and the re-balanced MEGA weapons.

Find out more about Assault Android Cactus+ in the trailer below, or simply head over to the Nintendo eShop where you can buy the game for the price of $19.99 or its local equivalent. The game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese languages.

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