ASUS Echelon (Camo) – Hardware Review
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ASUS Echelon (Camo) – Hardware Review

Good: Light weight, Good for long periods of time
Bad: Simple control mechanism
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Headsets come in all sizes, appearances and of course from different brands. This means it’s only natural we try to discuss more brands than the ones we’ve previously done reviews for. Today we have the chance to present you with our thoughts about the Echelon which was provided to us by Asus.




Habits are hard to break and with that note we’ll get started with the first impression of the headset. The Echelon (camo edition) looks more like a casual headset you might use for everyday use, with slightly bigger ear pads that is. This does not mean the Echelon does not create a decent looking whole because it looks flashy yet serious with its camo print.

Comfortable ear pads is something this headset will offer you. The pads are enough to cover your entire ear and they are made out of a leathery substance to prevent background noise distracting you on your epic quest or simply the fragfest you are currently participating in. Again, being able to isolate yourself from your surroundings is a matter of personal preferences.

When it comes to using the headset for long periods of time, the Echelon doesn’t really start to annoy. It’s weight is pretty much in between the CM Stom Ceres-400 and the Thrustmaster Y-250 series. This means it’s actually a quite light model to use compared to many others on the market. A plus, when it comes to comfort that is.


Two standard jacks are used to connect your headset and then it’s a matter of seconds before you’re good to go. The Echelon also indicates which plug is used for which slot and whilst this may be a simple extra, it surely is an appreciated one for those who might be purchasing their first headset or are simply not used to the color codes of the jacks.

The Control mechanism on the Echelon is a fairly simply one that simply allows you to turn your microphone on or off and a volume control. Sadly up till now we’ve only seen the Y-250 with some extra features and something to arrange your bass settings etc. In the end it’s no big issue but extra options are always welcome if they mean extra comfort.

A fun feature on the Echelon is its retractable microphone. If you’re using the headset for music purposes only it’s easy to ‘stow away’ the microphone in the left pad to get it out of the way or to simply create a nice looking set of headphones. The Microphone itself is very flexible and you’ll be able to bend it in pretty much every angle you’d desire.

Sound quality is again no issue for the Echelon. Whilst headset nowadays always tend to be decent overall, the bass this headset produces is a sign of quality.


Own opinion

It’s easy to start off by saying the Echelon might have the right weight to use for longer periods of time. The Headset isn’t too heavy and yet not too light either.

Design wise it’s fun to see a headset that pretty much combines everyday headsets with more professional designs meant for gaming purposes. The camo effect gives a nice touch to an already decent looking headset. Whilst the overall design might not ‘wow’ you, it surely will not disappoint you.

Bass was something this headset delivered, which made me quite happy. Knowing I listen to loads of music whilst gaming or simply love to hear certain effects pack a punch to create an extra layer of realism, this was surely a plus. Sadly the control mechanism didn’t allow me to adjust my bass settings and of course this was no real issue but it would have been quite welcome.


The Echelon might be a tad more expensive than the previous models we’ve discussed so far but the headset will still be worth the amount. This headset proves to be a headset to check out when you’re looking for a new headset or simply when you want to replace your current one. Asus’ Echelon will not disappoint.

Note: For a full list of specs click here.

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Rating: 2.8/10 (9 votes cast)
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ASUS Echelon (Camo) - Hardware Review, 2.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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