Atari is back!

Atari is back!

Have you ever dreamt of getting back your Atari, but with some extras or a lot of games? Well, SEGA and Nintendo has announced the release of a brand new (officially Licensed) Atari range console, with a 2 player home console and even a handheld version. If that isn’t enough, they both have loads of built-in games! The range will be available in November of this year.

Features for the ‘Atari Flashback 7 Game Console’:

  • Plug & Play for your TV
  • Authentic Atari 2600 style design
  • 101 built-in games
  • Two user friendly wireless controllers
  • Includes AV cable
  • Includes AC adapter

Features for the ‘Atari Ultimate¬†Portable¬†Game Player’ Handheld Console:

  • 60 built-in games
  • SD card slot (for expanding your collection)
  • Includes USB charging cable
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