Atomega – New content!

Atomega – New content!

The online multiplayer FPS Atomega, from the Ubisoft studio Reflections, just received a new free content update! Atomega has been released on Steam on September 19. In this fast-paced futuristic FPS, players engage in intense 10-minute battles with up to 8 players, to gain mass and get stronger to defeat their opponents. 

Four new arenas have been added:

  • Temple – Mass falls from the sky as arenas collide bringing close-combat battle for the spoils in and around the central temple.
  • Void – A tower-maze of futuristic neon poised above the abyss. A risky dash into the center can bring big rewards for those who dare.
  • Ascent – A golden Olympus of intricate design. Tiered levels create a constant dilemma of keeping the high ground advantage or descending to battle for mass.
  • Limbo – passageways lead into a central fight pit, plunging players into intense brawling battles. Only the toughest will succeed by dominating their opponents and holding the central area.

Another addition is the Nemesis system: if a player is repeatedly attacked by one opponent, they will become marked as the player’s Nemesis. This places a target on them allowing you to track their movements throughout the map. You can make use of this feature to avoid the player, or to track them down and exact your revenge for extra points and mass!

For more information, check the official Atomega Website, or the Atomega Steam page.

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