Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle – Out now!

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle –  Out now!

Good news for the Attack on Titan fans! Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle has been officially launched.

In Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle players will be able to play along with the storyline season 3 from the anime.  Players will be able to see the story play out through three different viewpoints; the Scout Regiment, 104th Cadet Corps and the Warriors.  As you take on the role of key characters in the anime, you’ll see the events of the third season play out before your very eyes in different timelines. Players will also become commanders in Territory Recovery Mode. Put a team together with the over 40 playable characters and go outside to fight the Titans for your right of the land.

There is a variety of equipment you can choose between besides the basic Omni-Directional Mobility gear. The Slashing Gear to deliver high damage to body parts and to target that one spot in their neck. If you prefer long-distance, you will be able to attack with two guns that deal quick and big damage.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. If you purchase the game before the end of July 2019 you can get various costumes as early purchase bonuses.  If you want the bonuses, just go to the digital store of the platform you’re on and claim them. Players that already own Attack on Titan 2 will be able to purchase Final Battle as an upgrade. If you are new to the game, Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will also be able to be purchased as a stand-alone game with full access to seasons 1-3 of the storyline.

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