Automation Update released for Hammerting

 Automation Update released for Hammerting

Today, Team 17 and Warpzone Studios have launched the Automation Update for  the dwarven colony simulator Hammerting. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

The Automation Update streamlines multiple features in the game, that make it more efficient to build the mining colony in the Mountains of Mara. Dwarves will automatically equip the best version of an item they have in their tool belt, automatically deposit unassigned items they carry for future use, carts will automatically pick up and deliver items like their dwarven counterparts, and vaults have been added to store gold.

The update also introduces a win state to the game/ players will be challenged in a quest to prove their dwarven mining prowess by completing an exigent labor. Upon completion, players will still be able to continue their colony for as long as they choose.

Check out everything that is being added to the game with this update and more in the video below this post.

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