Aven Colony : Launches a new gameplay trailer

Aven Colony : Launches a new gameplay trailer

Today we’re going to reveal a new gameplay trailer for Aven Colony! This Sci-Fi game enables you to build, modify and control your settlement on the planet Aven Prime. The game covers a wide range of environments which are available for the player to build your base upon. Including deserts, tundras, badlands and wetlands.

Discover this new extraterrestrial world, uncover the secrets to survive in this harsh landscape. While building it will be your first goal to survive the elements which are to be reckoned with which such as freezing winters, ice storms, lightning storms and toxic gas clouds. Keep in mind that the species that inhabit this planet are not all friendly either. To name one there are giant acid-spewing sandworms, which reminds us a bit of Tremors the movie or the giant worms in World of Warcraft.

It’s up to you to enlighten the human race and built a city to maintain the survival of humanity. Try to make it a better place so that your citizens will praise you more than a God. Hard times can fall upon the colony but you can make a difference! If you don’t want to play the campaign mode you can always play a sandbox mode which allows you to have a bit more freedom for the city builder inside you, whether you like to build a beautiful city or focus on efficiency, there is a variety of distinctive maps to choose from. When this is not enough there are variable options to customize the game experience to the player’s needs.

Will you be able to build an empire out of this alluring tropical world? If this sounds all like music to your ears please check the trailer and don’t forget to spread the word. Later this year Aven Colony launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Q2 2017.

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