Axe, Bow & Staff – Review
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Developer: Clewcat Games
Publisher: Clewcat Games
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Axe, Bow & Staff – Review

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Retro games or styles are still getting released nowadays, making it possible to relive the old days. Although some of the developers really want to stick to the old-school elements, some of them are also wanting to bring something new. Axe, Bow & Staff certainly is a game that combines both retro features with some new possibilities, making it a fun and refreshing experience. Let’s see what you can expect from this adventure game.

Axe, Bow & Staff


Axe, Bow & Staff takes you on a trip with three fighters, each with their particular skill set. Before you actually can fight together, each of them end up in a rather beautiful but dangerous forest. Fighting their way through some obstacles, they fall into a rather large pit where they eventually team up and help each other. The reason why they’re roaming together isn’t really clear as the conversations are done by emoticons. One of the mutual goals is to save a white kitten that helped some of our party members out, although there seems to be more than that lurks in the shadows.

Every conversation is done in emojis, making it harder to bring a real story but it is a fun way to tell a tale on the other hand. In the end, the combination of the ‘talks’ and the events that are occurring gives enough possibilities to let your creativity run wild and make your own story.

Axe, Bow & Staff


The graphics will certainly take you back to the good ol’ retro days, although they also have been brushed up a lot. The colors will splash from your screen, enveloping you in different worlds and monsters to fight. Your three fighters certainly stand out from the rest of the environment and are even quite detailed. This also counts for your surroundings, as there are a lot of small details implemented here and there, making every location quite special.

Next to the fighting part, the overview map and the shop are also in the same style although the shopkeeper and his wares seem a tad more updated. This certainly isn’t bad as it fits the setting completely and gives it a rather modern touch.

Axe, Bow & Staff


What else can you expect from a retro-like game than similar music and sounds? The tunes have been brushed up of course and there is a variety of tracks implemented. The walk in the forest will have some more cheery tunes while the darker areas or more dangerous missions will have more dramatic sounds.

Since there aren’t any spoken lines, you can expect only sound effects when venturing the levels. Swooshing the axe or casting magic will all be guided by some retro-styled effects, while the enemies have some own growls you’ll need to face.

Axe, Bow & Staff


Axe, Bow & Staff is an adventure game that will take you on a trip with a warrior, archer and mage with not so clear goals. At any rate, surviving the levels will need some tricky switching between lanes. At the beginning of the game, there will only be one or two available but in the end, you’ll be available to switch between three lanes. Needless to say that this can get quite hectic, especially because the one in front of the party train can perform his skills. Sometimes you need to switch between the party members in a lane itself, while at other times you can switch to another lane to do your own thing.

Every class has its own set of skills from which he can choose from. The Warrior can slash in front of him or raise a shield to protect himself and his allies while the Archer is capable to jump over objects and shoot arrows of course. Our good ol’ Mage can teleport creatures and items to unlock gates while he is also capable to heal certain ailments. These different skill sets certainly come in handy, depending on which enemies your facing and if you’re in need for some teleporting talent or if you want to eliminate a certain type of foe.

Axe, Bow & Staff

Killing enemies grant you experience, which will give your fighters the possibility to level up and obtain upgrades skills. Each of them can choose between two different ability trees, depending on your playstyle. It certainly is a good way to keep these possibilities in mind, as it is actually necessary that you’ve obtained these for the later levels. Replaying some of them is surely not a luxury but rather a necessity.

Next to upgrading skills, there is also a great salesman that will provide you with accessories and other items when you’re in need. From potions to revival drinks and upgraded gear, he has it all. You will need to pay some money though, but you’ll find some coins lying around here and there anyway. These upgrades will give your attack and defence a boost, while some of the other possibilities certainly will be useful as well, like the increased drop of money.

Axe, Bow & Staff

Axe, Bow & Staff can be played singleplayer, but it would be advisory to get two friends and play together. Up to three gamepads can be connected and used, while someone might also want to use the keyboard. Everything set-up is possible. If you want to play alone, there is the possibility to set your two companions on A.I., although you will still have the possibility to switch between characters. Making them A.I. isn’t a bad idea, since they will act on their own, making it easier to get through levels, but they surely make it sometimes easier as well. The Mage used his teleport multiple times, swapping enemies to my lane, making it harder to get through or even giving me damage. The developers are also working on an online function, where you can team up with unknown fighters. This feature isn’t up and running completely yet, but is a good way to team up.  At any rate, A.I. or (online) friends, things will get chaotic quite fast.


Axe, Bow & Staff will take you on a journey in some retro-looking areas, where you need to think fast and act faster. Since your three unique companions can switch lanes, things might get chaotic quite fast, especially when you want to take in the surroundings. It certainly is a fun feature that you can hook some controller to your computer and have some confusing fun with friends. In the end, you’ll get hooked by the refreshing new elements and the muted story that unfolds.

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Axe, Bow & Staff - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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