Azusa RP Online out now on Steam

Azusa RP Online out now on Steam

With our recent obsession for retro style games, it was only a matter of time that someone made the most ambitious game on the nostalgia-train. Introducing: Azusa RP Online, a 16-bit MMORDG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Driven Game, we had to google it too). Coming from Brazilian indie devs Inutaishos, Azusa RP Online is a 2D top down RPG where you get to develop your character as much as you want and your actions change everything in the world you live in. Unlock new races, build your playstyle, work in different jobs, train with masters, and interact with other players! From farmer to God, fighter to hero, anything is possible, as long as you will it.

  • 2D graphics in an online environment.
  • Roleplay similar to top table RPGs.
  • Play as a normal Civilian, a brave Fighter, or a wise Master; Your choices will define the game experience.
  • Play as important key ranked roles, such as being a King or a God.
  • Play as over 20 different Guardians while fighting in the wars to protect or destroy the world.
  • Can play as a villain after death by joining Hades army and help to destroy the world.
  • Cities are built and destroyed by players activity over the timeline.
  • Strategic but fast turn battle system –very dynamic.
  • Build your character skills depending on your cosmo element and armor element combination, helping in your battle strategies.
  • Build your character by developing rare perks.
  • Custom Gods, being able to create new gods depending on the story progressions.

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