Back to basics! Call of Duty WWII is now available worldwide.

Back to basics! Call of Duty WWII is now available worldwide.

Available today, you can find Call of Duty WW2 both digitally and physically in all stores. Taking you back to its roots, Call of Duty will return to the second World War, along with all the features you remember from the games from back in the day. Nazi Zombies is making its return, and so will the impressive, action-driven storylines you remember from games in the series.

Delivering the ultimate boots-on-the-ground experience, players will experience the war like never before with gripping stories, and through tough fights. Starting in Paris and working your way up to Berlin, you will follow the story of Ronald “Red” Daniels, a member of the American 1st infantry. Your company joins forces with British forces and French resistance starting on the beaches of Normandy, up to the deep parts of the Nazi enemy.

From the launch of the game, several events will be triggered. Over the coming days, the race to prestige will take place, pitting several popular YouTube players and twitch streamers against each other to race to be the first to reach that first prestige. Also launching right now is the Call of Duty World League, the CoD Esports league with a $4.2 million jackpot for the winners, which is available for all players that purchase the game.

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