Bacon Man: An Adventure – Review
Follow Genre: Action Platformer
Developer: Skymap Games
Publisher: Skymap Games
Platforms: PC
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Bacon Man: An Adventure – Review

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Good: really fun two player split-screen co-op
Bad: Physics are not the best
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Bacon Man: An Adventure is an action platformer about food, bacon and the fight for the Meat Throne. In Bacon Man you need to help Bacon Man and three other unique characters through many skill testing levels to regain Bacon Man’s right to the throne.

Bacom Man 3


In a faraway Cosmos known as Tasty Space, the great Bacon Spirit, creator of worlds, gave birth to an unimaginable horror. The fiery chaos sparked by the spirit’s flames gave life to Bacon Man. On one faithful night when Bacon Man was playing croquet, he heard the news that his grandfather, Old king Roast Beef, ruler of Meat Zone had died. Bacon Man would be the next heir to the Meat throne. Bacon Man’s future seemed miraculously bright. That was until the other rulers of the kingdom decided that Bacon Man was the one that killed his Grandfather. Bacon Man was banished to the freezer and the throne was given to the evil Pork King.

Bacon Man needs to get back from the depths of the Freezer and defeat all of his enemies to regain his right to the throne. When you get through the story you’ll encounter the other unique playable characters. Some will want to join your  party immediately and others have to be fought before you can continue on your quest.

Bacon man 1


Bacon Man looks great. Each area has its own theme and has all obstacles en landscapes designed to that theme. The characters are well designed and drawn in a funny comic style. When characters talk, a text cloud will appear showing what they say again referring to the comic style. In loading screens after your character has died the game will show some tips in the loading screens that are relevant for the situation you’re in. These tips are actually helpful tips and could make the difference in your next try.

Bacon Man 4


When you start playing the game after you’ve chosen your character to play with, a storyteller will tell you Bacon Man’s story. This storyteller has a serious but fun way of explaining how things went. The music in this game is good.  The tracks played in each area match the area’s theme. When in a boss battle the track changes to a somewhat more tense tune to give you the right feeling of being in a boss battle. The in-game characters have no voices. Every conversation is handled by text clouds. Only the storyteller at the start of the game uses his voice to speak.

Bacon Man 5


Bacon Man is an action platformer game. The goal of Bacon Man is to get through each and every level and defeat all enemies that stand in your way. There are two ways to play Bacon Man. You can start the single player campaign and play solo but there’s also the possibility to let a friend join in and take on the levels in split-screen co-op. Playing Bacon Man with a friend can be very amusing but also very frustrating if you don’t switch of friendly fire. This can lead to many very funny moments. When friendly fire is turned off it plays perfect with two players. Bacon Man has a good controller support so it’s just a matter of plugging in one or two controllers and your set up for playing co-op with friends.

There are four different characters to choose from. All four characters have their own playing style and specialties. Some characters have the ability to hold themselves against the wall while others slide of the walls and you need to jump to keep climbing a wall. These differences in characters make each playthrough with another character a unique experience.

Bacon Man 9

The characters in Bacon Man have the ability to climb up and slide down walls to get through each level that opposes them. They can fight opponents with hand-to-hand combat and they also get a weapon to shoot with. These weapons regenerate ammo over time. The characters also possess a defensive shield to protect themselves. The further you move on through the levels, the more abilities you can use and all these actions are easy to use as the controls are easy to master.

It’s possible for your character to level up but the only way to level up is to find a shop where you can ‘ascend’ to the next level. Mostly, these shops are well hidden and you need to keep an eye out for hidden places because it could be a shop. This way, running fast through each level will prevent you from leveling up your character.

Bacon Man 6

The physics in this game could have been somewhat better. After you’ve hit an enemy enough to disable him, he’ll lie on the ground and you can pick him up to throw him at other enemies. To this point it works fine. But then when you throw your enemy at another, even if you totally miss him it will still hit the target. Throwing an enemy over another could kill it while there is no contact whatsoever.  Also the defensive shield won’t always do its job. It can occur when defending you’ll still be hit by explosions. This should not happen as there is no way to dodge certain attacks.


All in all Bacon Man is a really fun game to play. Doesn’t matter if you play it alone or together with a friend. The game offers a good challenge in this action platformer. The game has an entertaining story and gameplay is fairly easy to get used to. If you ignore the little problems with physics (that rather make the game a bit easier than harder) Bacon Man is really good and fun action platformer. If you like a platformer with a challenge then this is the game for you.

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Rating: 8.6/10 (5 votes cast)
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Bacon Man: An Adventure - Review, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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