Banner of the Maid will be released on consoles later this year

Banner of the Maid will be released on consoles later this year

After its success in China and successful launch in the West of its English version in February, Banner of the Maid is heading to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Banner of the Maid, an acclaimed turn-based strategy game with JRPG elements, is a strategy role-playing game (SRPG) set in an alternate French Revolution with fantasy elements. You play as the young officer Pauline Bonaparte, leading troops to victory in turn-based dynamic battles, but also taking part in the complex political landscape of Paris, full of intrigues and conspiracies. Pauline is more than just a brilliant officer – she is also a Maid: one of the fabled women with mysterious powers capable of turning the tide of a battle. Banner of the Maid has a deep epic story full of twists, glory, and fantasy where the destiny of the Revolution lays in your hands.

Key features:

  • Live an epic story of war and politics in an alternate French Revolution 
  • Fight iconic turn-based battles in more than 30 different dynamic environments 
  • Take part of the political vortex of Paris in a thrilling history of intrigues and glory
  • Complete quests and challenges to establish political connections, gain funds and secure supplies
  • Train your generals to improve their abilities. More than 30 characters with different backgrounds and skills are available for you to command!
  • Talk to your allies to win their trust and understand their hearts, and you will be unstoppable in battle!

Check out Banner of the Maid on Steam or watch the gameplay features trailer down below!

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