Barbaric, the new destroyer of friendships

Barbaric, the new destroyer of friendships

If you’re looking for a roguelike co-op game that will give you dungeons that you can venture over and over again, be sure to keep an eye on Barbaric. You can team up with three other players and choose out of eight adventurers, each with their own skill set and talents. Of course, as there is friendly fire, you need to watch out how you land your hits so you don’t kill your comrades, unless that is what you want of course…

“Combat is the heart of every dungeon-crawler, but where can you find the best combat? Fighting gamesWe tossed out everything from the classics and borrowed from fighting games to deliver the smoothest, most-thoughtful experience in the genre.”
Scott Foe, Game Director of Barbaric.

If you’re looking forward to backstab some friends in-game, you will have to wait until the 4th quarter of 2017. To ease the pain, here is a trailer and pre-alpha screenshots!

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