Barcelona hosting the PES LEAGUE 2018 World Finals

Barcelona hosting the PES LEAGUE 2018 World Finals

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced Barcelona as the host of the PES LEAGUE 2018 World Finals on July 21st. In these finals the eight world’s best 1v1 players and 4 CO-OP teams will compete for the title of PES LEAGUE champion of 2018.

PES LEAGUE is the official eSports tournament where PES 2018 players from around the world compete in local and online events. The participants have already overcome three competition rounds in order to qualify for the finale. Highlights of the players include the domination of the French player TioMiit_PW who only got beaten in the final of the European round by SOFIA, the Japanese star player.

Thousands of players tried to quality for Barcelona and the new format clearly has its benefits, with numerous regional qualifying rounds being held across Europe, Asia and America. This year also marks the first time co-op players enter!

Players competing for the single-player crown:

1. France (TioMiit_PW)

2. Japan (SOFIA)

3. Spain (Alex Alguacil)

4. Brazil (Fmestre12_PW)

5. Spain (joseg93)

6. Italy (Ettorito97)

7. Brazil (Henrykinho)

8. Japan (Mayageka)

3Vs3 entrants are:

1. Broken Silence (Spain/Italy)

2. Neo Esports (France)

3. TOTAL FOOTBALL (Netherlands)

4. *TopPESBrasil (Brazil) / Shadow Hunters (Spain)

* The fourth co-op spot for the PES League World Finals will be decided through an elimination match held on site, prior to the World Finals start.

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