Barracuda #5 Kannibalen – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Jean Dufaux
Illustrations: Jérémy
Publisher: Dargaud

Barracuda #5 Kannibalen – Comic Book Review

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Bad: Some things are predictable, Illustrations would be even better with a bit more details
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Avast mateys! Let’s toss aside all the pleasantries and polite behavior, raise the sails and head out to the open sea. The Barracuda is both the name of the series, as well as the ship that is the epicenter of the adventure. This would not be a pirate tale if it wasn’t about a legendary treasure, wenches, treachery and plenty of battles. Dive into the fifth issue of Barracuda as the hunt for the Kashar Diamond still rages on.


Raffy is still recovering, from being shot in the back, in Puerto Blanco. That being said, recovery might be an optimistic term, as Raffy will serve as bait to lure his father, the famed pirate Blackdog, back to Puerto Blanco in order to exchange the life of his son with the gravely desired Kashar Diamond. Whilst this is certainly an important topic, together with the Spanish oppressors that have taken hold over the city, most of the fifth issue will take place somewhere else, namely the Ranelagh archipelago.

Captain Blackdog has been taken prisoner on a remote island in the Ranelagh archipelago, where a shaman is trying to get him to spill his guts where to find the Kashar Diamond on the island. Spilling his guts might become quite literal, seeing the inhabitants of the island are nearly all cannibals and thus, like good rum, certain humans might get tastier when they ripen a bit more. Captain de la Loya and the rest of the already well known crew is doing an effort to get Blackdog back to the Barracuda to set sail to save Raffy. Even though Blackdog was promised safe passage, if he came forth by telling where the diamond could be found, Blackdog still refuses to do so. It seems trouble is brewing, with a human or two as hors d’oeuvres.


The flow of this fifth installment is rapid but it succeeds in breaking the waves. With a title as ‘cannibals’, you will have a rough idea of what you can expect, nonetheless, the album still tends to surprise. You can feel the buildup throughout the entire album, until suddenly the cannon fire starts blazing (figuratively) until the end of the album. One exciting scene will follow the next, making this a stormy album.

Jean Dufaux’s love for very gritty looking pirates, as well as charismatic ladies is quite visible throughout the series. The story is filled with suspenseful events, but also enough ‘tips of the icebergs’ to come, to keep things very interesting. Whilst some scenes might come across as a bit chaotic, the plot is steering towards a lively dock.

The illustrations by Jérémy are very suited for the theme of the series. Whilst many drawings have a realistic undertone, they are quite gritty and rough around the edges, just like a true pirate. A bit more attention to detail would make everything even better, but the atmosphere the illustrations are aiming for has already been achieved.


An honorable mention goes to the small recap of the previous issue(s) at the beginning of the album. This proves to be a great small gesture for those who want to start reading immediately, without having to reread the last volume.


Barracuda #5 Kannibalen is a great addition to the series. Pirates will always be pirates and whilst some things might seem predictable, there are still enough plot twists and action sequences to keep things on course. The gritty characters will stay interesting until the very last page. Some things might just shiver your timbers.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Barracuda #5 Kannibalen - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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