Bartlow’s Dread Machine full release announced

Bartlow’s Dread Machine full release announced

Today, Tribetoy and Beep Games Inc. have announced the official full release of their arcade shooter that has been in Steam Early Access for a while now. Bartlow’s Dread Machine will be coming to Xbox One and Steam on the 29th of September.

As the full release is still a few weeks away, a new update for the Steam Early Access version will add World 5: The Canal Zone to the game as well as two new characters. The Canal Zone is the penultimate world in Bartlow’s Dread Machine and will offer players yet another journey in an unforgettable scenario for the adventurer. This adventure will send you through the dense Central American jungles where you will discover a mysterious structure uncovered by an excavation there. This is sure to deliver players another adventure with a lot of shooting for survival.

Find out more about World 5: The Canal Zone and the other additions brought to the game by this update in the trailer below.

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