Basketball Pro Management 2015 – Review
Follow Genre: Sports Sim
Developer: Umix Studios and Cyanide Studio
Publisher: Cyanide Studio
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Basketball Pro Management 2015 – Review

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Basketball Pro Management 2015 is the 4th edition in the Basketball Pro Management series. The series has added two major championships in the male and female teams. The game boasts a rather grand amount of players, with over 13 000 and 1 600 teams. It gives you the opportunity to manage male and female teams, showing that professional sports aren’t just a male occupation.


The only aspect of the story is that it’s all about your methods and your way of doing things. It all comes down to you. You create your team, you enter your name and take on the task.Training your team and making the right decisions is all there is to it, but don’t think this is an easy task. Just like the members in your team, you’ll have to be at the top of your sport to make the best of it in any situation.


The menus in Basketball Pro Management 2015 are clear and because of the use of colour, they stand out. Red on white, white on black are all colours that make things easy accessible. The exclusion of face pictures of the players in your team, however, makes the game feel like every player is just a set of numbers. When you play a match, you can choose to play it in 2D or 3D. This way you can either choose for a top down look at the game and see what’s going on, or you can pick the 3D option and see the players making their moves. It has to be said that the players aren’t all that detailed, but this is probably so the game doesn’t put too much strain on your CPU. With all the data that has to be loaded, adding stellar graphics to the game would probably only hinder the experience.


The game has a built in music list. There are ten songs, six by soFly and four by Joachim De Lux. The list isn’t that expansive, but it makes the management part of the game a lot more smooth. If you are into several hours of gameplay, the songs might sound a little repetitive and there’s no way to expand the list. This is a missed opportunity as unlocking music through the career mode seems like a nice bonus. The sound effects during a match are basic, but there’s only so much you can do with cheering and whooping.


Basketball Pro Management 2015 focuses on the management aspect of the game and doesn’t expand with other gameplay elements. There is no multiplayer game, which in this day and age of connectivity and social gameplay is surprising to say the least, and there is no tutorial, at least not a playable one. Should you find yourself stuck, you can always click the question mark and look for help online. This tends to break the immersion as you hop between screens to get the answers you need. To those new to basketball and those who are unknown to the rules of the game, there is a list of rules to basketball, covering everything from basic rules to advanced rules and even tips and hints on offensive and defensive gameplay. You choose a team and then make the calls on what the team has to focus on. If the team you want isn’t in the list, then you can go ahead and create it yourself. There are a total of 43 playable leagues, so there’s no shortage there.

Basketball_Pro_Management_2015_02You can even create game modes. This is a way for you to create moves your players are using during the matches. This is done move per move. You can tell when a player passes or takes a shot. It feels like you are in charge of the whole event. Don’t fret if you are completely new to the genre or the game, the game will decide on what tactics are used. During the matches you can speed things up. There are two fast forward buttons, x2 and x4 and you can also pause the game to make some adjustments to your tactics and fast forward to the end. Management isn’t just having power over what happens within the team, but also what happens in and around the whole stadium. You are in charge of the extra entertainment like cheerleaders and exactly how much of your income is spent on this. You are in charge of exactly how much drinks cost and how many seats are available. The sales add to your monetary pool, which you need to keep intact to be able to pay your team and keep the fans satisfied. The database editor allows players to add new players and create custom games.


This is a basketball management game that focuses purely on the management aspect. There are no other modes and no multiplayer, so if you are looking for these features, then you might not like this game. The soundtrack is a rather nice feature and makes the management sections less dull and keeps things fresh. You’ll be managing all sorts of things and some of those things feel trivial, although they are necessary to maintain the cash flow. All this so you can focus on making your team the best, when you are done setting the price for drinks and paying for cheerleaders.

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Basketball Pro Management 2015 - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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