Battle Brothers – New DLC will be released soon!

Battle Brothers – New DLC will be released soon!

The new DLC of the turn-based tactical RPG Battle Brothers is called “Warriors of the North” and will be released on May 9th, 2019. This game has been developed and published by Overhype Studios, and is available for PC (via Steam).

This new DLC will bring lots of new content, centered in the cold reaches of the northern region and the inhabitants thereof; the fierce barbarians. They roam the northern reaches, burning and pillaging on their way; there is no escape from their wrath. The inhabitants of the north tried to stop them to no avail: the barbarians overran their defenses and left nothing but death in their wake. A band of mercenaries called the Battle Brothers is the very last hope of the Northern populace. Prepare to explore the frozen north and face the barbarians in Warriors of the North – the challenge will put your battle skills to the test, but immortal fame and legendary treasures await the victors!

This DLC will also bring new starting scenarios for your company of mercenaries, new contracts and events, new gear and banners, and a mythical creature named the Ijirok.

Visit the official website of Battle Brothers for more information!

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