BattleCore Arena – Preview
Follow Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Cosmic Ray Studio
Publisher: Cosmic Ray Studio
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

BattleCore Arena – Preview

Good: Very polished game, neat controls and mechanics
Bad: Small playerbase, needs more players to grow
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A fusion between a shooting game and a game of skill, BattleCore Arena is a multiplayer game with Rocket League vibes. Players control a core and have to battle in different maps or arena’s, trying to destroy or knock each other of the map. While feeling or looking like a shooter at first, the game does require skill when it comes to controlling and maneuvering your core correctly. BattleCore Arena is a fast-paced and dynamic game, with easy controls and no distractions, so you can fully concentrate on the game. And, a feature that has become mandatory for multiplayer games these days, but still a very nice addition is the customization of your core. If you prefer playing as a teapot, light bulb, a skull or even a pig, BattleCore Arena has it all. The game is in early access and is developed and published by Cosmic Ray Studio.


BattleCore Arena is yet another multiplayer party game, but stands surprisingly well on its own. The game is really polished and feels great. The controls are very simple, movement consists of directing your core to all four sides, with the addition of jumping and dashing. While this might sound like every generic multiplayer game, the movement of the core is quit harder than it looks. The movement is very easy to learn, but very hard to master, which is a rare feature that makes a game truly stand out. Other than that, you can shoot your opponents or blast them away. The controls are very fluid and feel natural.


There are two different game modes so far. Team mode is a game that last 5 minutes where a squad of 3 players take on the enemy team of 3 players. The team that manages to destroy or knock off the most opponents, wins the game. The other game mode is the juggernaut mode. One of the players is a juggernaut, a bigger and stronger core, and has to survive 3 minutes to win the game. During those minutes, all the other players become his opponent and have to destroy or knock him off the arena 3 times to be victorious.

The visuals of the game are very simple, cartoonish and colorful, which fits the game perfectly. The first map might look like a fidget spinner, but has the right balance of detail. Enough to make it beautiful and pleasing to the eye, yet not to much to get distracted if you’re blasting your opponents off the map. Although this game is in early access, the graphics looks very clean and neat.


One big downside of BattleCore Arena at the moment is not the game itself, but the extremely low playerbase. Finding a game to play is very rare, to nearly impossible. And other than a 5 minute tutorial about movement, this game had not much to give singleplayer wise or offline. While waiting for a match to be found, a map is loaded with motionless bots, they don’t move nor shoot back or react, so knocking them off the map does not give the same satisfaction it has with a real player. Although the game needs a bigger variety of maps, and maybe more guns, it should really need more players for it to grow in the promising game it can be!



Although there are not many players to battle against, which is a shame, the game is actually very skillfully crafted. The idea presented by the developers works really well, with very fluid and natural controls and beautiful graphics. Cosmic Ray Studio did a great job so far, it is now the turn of the playerbase to put in an effort and grow, because this game might just become the next new “thing”.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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BattleCore Arena - Preview, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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