Battlecrew Space Pirates set for full release on steam

Battlecrew Space Pirates set for full release on steam

The multiplayer hero shooter called Battlecrew Space Pirates is officially set to leave Steam’s Early Access program and will be fully released on Monday 10th July 2017.

Every pirate will be able to test their skills from then on with a free version of the game!


The studio informs us to be very happy that the game will finally leave the Steam Early Access. In this period, the developers and the community used their time well to develop the core of the game. Players and the studio went hand in hand to create maps, fix balancing and prioritize new features, which the team is very grateful for.
As a thank you gift, the developers will grant each player who acquired the game during its time in the Steam Early Access phase with a special reward, which they will automatically receive when Battlecrew Space Pirates launches on Steam.


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