Bazalt Joe enters the Sword Art Online arena in Fatal Bullet

Bazalt Joe enters the Sword Art Online arena in Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online, an anime about immersing yourself in digital worlds connected to your brain, has released a couple of games already. The last two, Hollow Realization and Lost Song, were way more about the world from the first season of the Anime. The upcoming game, Fatal Bullet, is more about the second season.

Fatal Bullet is about the Gun Gale Online world. Gun Gale Online could be compared to a virtual reality Call of Duty, where the player has full control of his actions and body. Fatal Bullet tries to communicate this to the players by letting them control a character in third-person, combining this shooter gameplay with some roleplaying as well.

Today a new character was revealed for Fatal Bullet. His name? Bazalt Joe. He’s a badass high ranking Gun Gale Online humanoid player with high interest in the Artificial Financial Adviser System. He also possesses rare “Type-X”  intelligence, allowing him to think, act fast and support his team a lot, making him a valuable member for many. When victorious, he will supply valuable information and some good items.

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