Beau Séjour season 2 DVD release date announced

Beau Séjour season 2 DVD release date announced

Today, the DVD release date of the second season of drama series Beau Séjour was announced by Just Entertainment. In this second part of the Beau Séjour series, you get to meet Maurice, a former marine commander who one day, saw his own body hanging from the mast of the sailboat with the name, Beau Séjour.  He knows he didn’t commit suicide, so he sets out to find out what truly happened to him.

Beau Séjour 2 has been airing weekly on Belgium TV channel Eén. For those who can’t wait to see the end of this season, the whole second season will be available for purchase on March 11.

Below, you can watch the international trailer for Beau Séjour Reeks 2 to get a sneak preview of what this season has in store for you.

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