Become a hero thanks to EMERGENCY 5!

Become a hero thanks to EMERGENCY 5!

Starting October, you can become a real hero thanks to the newest PC game from the German game studio Sixteen Tons Entertainment.

In EMERGENCY 5, players will lead challenging rescue missions in up to 3 different and detailed environments. A great number of vehicles and action brigades will stand at your disposal and you’ll have to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. There’s also a 4 player co-op mode where players will have to form a team to succeed in special multiplayer events. Lastly, thanks to an editor, it’ll be child’s play to make your own content and share it with the community.


Some other important things to mention:

  • There’ll be hundreds of hours of game value. Both the rescue missions and catastrophes won’t be the same in every play round which provides an element of surprise.
  • The game takes place in three detailed environments: Berlin, Munich and Hamburg
  • More than 20 air and ground vehicles
  • A completely renewed control system
  • The strong, newly developed Engine brings some nice graphics to the screen

As mentioned before, you can expect EMERGENCY 5 in October 2014. Both a Standard and Deluxe Edition will be available for purchase!

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