Beds up: Pillow Champ announced for Switch, PC and Netflix Games!

Beds up: Pillow Champ announced for Switch, PC and Netflix Games!

Frosty Pop is excited to introduce Pillow Champ, its innovative approach to the fighting game genre, set to hit Nintendo Switch, PC, and Netflix Games in spring 2024. Offering a mix of humor and heartwarming narratives, Pillow Champ takes players on a journey of self-discovery, passion pursuit, and overcoming pillow-wielding ninjas standing in the way of dreams. Drawing inspiration from classics like Street Fighter II, Pillow Champ delivers punchy 2.5D action, diverse game modes, and a whimsical, irreverent setting. Engage in the Pillow Champ tournament, a series of events reshaping society, and unraveling the mysteries of the Pillow Knights, a covert society attempting to plunge pillow fighting into obscurity.

Crafted by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (of El Paso, Elsewhere), Pillow Champ aims to deconstruct the fighting video game genre, transforming blades into pillows, blood into feathers, suffering into pleasure, and grunts into laughter. The game features a unique cast of characters and locations, from a South Asian grandmother to a non-binary nurse and a campground in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Character movements are influenced by cultural touchstones, ranging from old-time strongman routines to classic Bollywood movies, Muay Thai, Kendo, and more.

Key Features of Pillow Champ:

  • Master the skills of 8 pillow-wielding characters.
  • Navigate a robust single-player career mode with upgradable character skills.
  • Experience move sets and animations inspired by cultural dances, martial arts, and exercises.
  • Engage in hilarious and heartwarming stories about passion, perseverance, and defeating pillow-wielding ninjas.
  • Enjoy local multiplayer pillow fights with friends and challenge the world in online multiplayer supported by rollback netcode.
  • Immerse yourself in character stories crafted by game writer Xalavier Nelson Jr.
  • Groove to a captivating soundtrack while playing.
  • Witness the absurdity of a man entirely composed of pillows.

Pillow Champ promises the best mobile controls in a fighting game, ensuring a seamless experience. Get ready to fluff it out when Pillow Champ launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Netflix Games in spring 2024.

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