Before Your Eyes, a special webcam game, out now

Before Your Eyes, a special webcam game, out now

Webcams were once something that everyone had in their homes but when social media and smartphones became more popular, they slowly faded away. Now the last year with everybody working at home they started regaining popularity and what if you could use your webcam for more than videoconferences. Today GoodbyeWorld Games, alongside Skybound Games, are proud to announce their emotional narrative adventure Before Your Eyes out is on PC for €8.99/$9.99/£7.99.

‘Before Your Eyes’ takes place in a world where the players help a character named The Ferryman to locate souls who have lived extraordinary lives and bring them to the afterlife. During the travels, you will find yourself reflecting on the character’s life, the moments that defined who they are and the meaningful choices they made.

The game is controlled by utilizing a webcam, the player’s glances and blinks will drive the journey as they experience the events of the game through the character’s eyes. This amazing story is available in six languages including, German, Spanish, French, English, Mandarin and Japanese. You can grab a copy right now on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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