Behind-the-scenes video from ANOTHER SIGHT released

Behind-the-scenes video from ANOTHER SIGHT released

Two weeks ago, we were teased with a mysterious short trailer for Another Sight, a seemingly adventurous game in development by the pioneering Italian game developer Lunar Great Walls Studios. Today, they’ve released a behind-the-scenes video that features gameplay for the very first time.

In the behind-the-scene video, you’ll be hearing commentary from the CEO and founder of Lunar Great Walls Studio, Marco Ponte, as well as the Creative Director for Another Sight, Andrea Basilio.

Another Sight is a game about a teenager named Kit, who explores the London Underground and looses her sight during an accident. She’s found by the mysterious cat Hodge, who becomes her companion on her journey, the bond between them ever-growing. As the surreal fantasy world is influenced by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, we get to experience a beautiful, intriguing and unique world whilst coming across artistic minds such as Monet, Tesla and other cultural icons.

Another Sight Gameplay Features:

  • EMOTIVE DRIVEN – A story about a girl and her cat companion on a journey beyond sight and the real. A tale of warmth and intrigue is woven throughout the adventure, touching on trust, companionship and losing what we take for granted. Innovative gameplay and a story of heart is galvanized by a soundscape given life to by a symphonic orchestra to accent memorable moments between Kit, Hodge and the journey they’re on.
  • MASTERS OF THE PAST – Throughout the journey, Kit and Hodge will meet virtuoso artists such as Claude Monet and other cultural historical figures from the past, learning more about the world and dangers it presents. Each encounter visually impacts the world, taking on aesthetics of each creative movement from the famous characters Kit and Hodge meet
  • STORY WOVEN GAMEPLAY – Use the unique abilities of each character to help Kit and Hodge traverse the world and overcome environmental challenges. Kit and Hodge can split up to investigate different areas of the locale that the other may not be able to reach, with both Kit and Hodge perceiving the world in very different ways, opening up different possibilities for overcoming their adventure.

Another sight is set to launch in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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